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Terry Vance

Unique pottery that highlights the function and form of each piece

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Mugs, Bowls, Plates

and More!

Available at Kenton

Terry Vance has her Crofter's Wheel Pottery studio on the family farm in Highland County.  A graduate of Wright State University, she taught art in the public schools of Ohio for 36 years. While an undergraduate, she developed an interest in wheel thrown pottery, and later as a graduate assistant, she honed her skills under the instruction of Chris Shatsby, and master potter Cyndie Baker.

After more than thirty years working in clay, Terry's artistic interests are form and function. The tactile quality of this material that comes from the earth, inspire her to create everyday objects for repeated use: mugs, bowls, plates, vases, planters, pitchers, bottles, even creatures for your tea bag! Using found and natural materials to accent and enhance are satisfying;  making her own glazes completes the process.  From start to finish, Terry has been immersed in the business of creating a unique art form that is meant to be used.

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