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James Werline

Rarefied Realism in oil, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink, and pastels. 

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"Twilight at The Whitehouse"

22 x 30

Singed by President George W. Bush

James D. Werline transitioned from painting rural landscapes that he grew up with to painting very detailed historical landmarks in Washington D. C. and other places, to plein air painting and mixed media collages.


Although watercolor is his favorite medium, he also paints in oil, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink, and pastels.  He states with watercolor, "I have to know five steps ahead of myself what I am going to do...a successful artist works right on the edge of disaster all the time.  I enjoy the intensity and challenge."


Highlights of Werline's career, which include 38 years in education at Southern State Community College, brought recognition to him.  Throughout the years, he has enjoyed numerous one man gallery shows and has been the subject of a local PM Magazine segment on TV.  Featured articles about Werline have appeared in Midwest Art, Prints Magazine and various newspapers.  His work has been displayed next to Renoir, Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent and other noted artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century's.  President George W. Bush joined James D. Werline and signed his original oil painting of the Whitehouse titled "Twilight at the Whitehouse." 

James D, Werline's unprecedented importance as an artist reveals a power of an element unique to his work: a captivating spiritual quality derived from his softness of stroke and his masterful ability to create timeless, intimate mood through suffusion of light.  He continues to strengthen his predominance as a painter specializing in "Rarefied Realism."

Evening at the United States Supreme Court
Evening at Monticello 2011
US Capital
Toledo Harbour Light

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