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Nancy Ache

Functional and efficient pottery with graceful forms

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Mugs, vases, and more

Available at Kenton

Nancy Ache began her Ceramic training at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky and studied at the Canton Art Institute under Claudia Zeber. She is also grateful for her 5-year apprenticeship under the late Gladys and Lloyd Ferguson in Russellville, Ohio. and re-established Eagle Creek Pottery studio in Georgetown, Ohio in 1992. She was an adjunct professor of Ceramics at Southern State Community College for 12 years. Creating functional pottery for home chefs as well as exploring new techniques and glazes, bring excitement into her studio. 

Artist Statement:

"I desire to use the basic elements created in our earth to throw pottery that suits specific goals of function. Through the test of fire, these pieces become lasting objects containing my personal attention to details. I want to create pottery which integrates efficiency with graceful forms. I strive to give each piece an essence, which brings forth a simple aroma saying, 'Pick me up...'"


Get in Touch

To get in touch with Nancy please follow the link below to her Facebook groups page for more information

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